Monthly Archives: November 2021

Own Your Group

At first it seems like it is easy to have your group on a popular social media platform. You simply open your group and use social media to attract followers. You might even boast of a large number of followers, although you seldom if ever interact with many of them on an individual basis.
If you are a lifestyle leader, a business coach, or a personal trainer the real value you bring to the equation is your ability to tailor your expertise to the needs of each follower.  Read the rest

Your Product Is You

There are internet platforms where you pay to build a web portal, upload your product, and conduct sales. Even if you are an instructor, the idea is for you to sell your informational and project materials like videos and workbooks.
Your product is your ability to guide and influence your clients on a customized one-to-one basis, not a set of cookie cutter videos and manuals. Each individual interaction includes project tasks and documentation that is attuned to your client. You might also work with subgroups of your client membership, but with all the actions and follow-ups that happen with individuals.  Read the rest

Coaching, Not Clerking

Have you ever been to a craft show and admired the ceramic wares displayed by a pottery artist? I bet that would be fun to make, you think. But then you consider that to get that beautiful bowl or vase, there is working the clay, getting the air bubbles out, putting it on the wheel and turning the piece, then adding decorative touches before it goes in the kiln. Whew!
It is kind of like putting your skills on display. You want to share your expertise with paying clients, but you really don’t want to spend time, energy and money building and maintaining the display case.  Read the rest

Pump Up Your Group

You probably know people who decided they would do their fitness workouts at home. They bought the weights, straps, mats, and other gear. For a week or so, it went fine. Then the workouts started to tail off. Too tired, something came up with the kids, had to bring work home….

If they were committed to getting fit, they joined a gym. Suddenly, the schedule of visits became a regular habit. Other people they met at the gym offered encouragement, and they started giving their gym friend a boost.  Read the rest