Monthly Archives: December 2021

Empowering Coaches

You are good at what you do. You have spent years gaining experience in your field, and taking the specialized training that makes you a leader. You are so good, in fact, that people seek you out and pay for your services.
It is counter to your success to spend time as a data entry clerk, a file manager, an online techie or other functions that sometimes fall to individual business owners. The Horn takes all that drudgery away from you by giving you a full set of management tools cleverly set behind a few easy-to-understand virtual buttons.  Read the rest

Super Level Security

The interaction between you and your clients involves sensitive information. Whether you are coaching young managers to oversee important new projects, guiding a person through a life change event, or keeping tabs on an organization’s fundraising activities, you want your clients to know that everything stays between you and them.
It is important even to keep the communications between each member separate and secure from the other members. On top of that, keeping track of every document, task, project, milestone and achievement requires an easy-to-use, convenient platform.  Read the rest