Welcome to The Horn.


You’re viewing this page because a member of The Horn crew (there’s eleven of us) sent you an invitation for a Charter Membership. The Horn is something new in social networking: not only is it completely ad-free, but also we pledge to never sell or give away your personal data.

We solve all the problems inherent in the current ad-based networks (you know which ones we’re talking about: The Big F) by using a novel, but painfully obvious to us, business model: We charge for membership – $6.99 a month, to be exact. (Cruise around this sales site to learn more.)

But: As a Charter Member, you don’t have to pay…

– not right away, anyway. Your Charter Membership includes a whole year of The Horn for free – and then after your first twelve months, you will be billed $6.99 a month. But you can cancel any time during your first year, and you won’t be charged a dime (and we’ve made quitting very easy!).

What you need to do:

1): Go to our checkout page and choose “Standard Membership” (at the top);

2): On the next screen, you will see “Click here to enter your discount code.” Click on that and enter the code you were sent
(Make sure to click “Apply”.);

3): Then fill out the rest of the form. (Sorry, but even though your first year is free, we still need your credit card info upfront.);

4): Enter and socialize with us!

This is a “soft launch”…

For the next few weeks we are only inviting friends and associates to join, so we can get whatever bugs we find out of our system. So you might not find many people in the network right away. But they’ll be more over time!

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