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about The Horn

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What is The Horn?

The Horn is a group communications platform. It’s a place where your group, no matter what it be – family and friends, book club, bible study, small business, any group – can communicate with each other in a private, secure and encrypted environment. If you’re familiar with Slack or Microsoft Teams, it’s kinda like those services, except simpler and easier to use for more casual communication. And unlike major social networks, The Horn is “walled off” from the public internet; only your logged in group members can see what you’re talking about.

One more thing: There’s no advertising displayed – at all. This is why we charge to use it.

How much does it cost to join The Horn?

The Horn charges $4.00 a month or $44 a year for each member of your group. We can assign multiple accounts to one single billing, if for example you wanted to sign up a bunch of employees together; or if you run an organization with a public membership, your members can sign up directly and join your group immediately upon registration. (See our Group Rates page for more info.)

By the way, it’s also very easy to quit The Horn if you don’t like it. (See question below.)

How do group members on The Horn communicate with each other?

Group members on The Horn can communicate via video and/or text. The Horn features its own proprietary video conferencing system – it’s simpler to use that Zoom, encrypted end-to-end and you don’t need to download any software to use it, it runs right in your browser. There is real-time private text chat available within the video conferencing; and every group also includes a discussion forum and an announcements board. The group organizers (our term for group administrators) can turn on and off all these features, and also determine which group members get to use what features.

How do I start a group on The Horn?

First you’ll sign up for a single membership. Then once inside the service you go to the “All Groups” screen and click on “Create a Group” at the top of the page. This leads you through a multi-screen wizard so you can set various features for your group members to use. (Don’t worry: everything can be changed later – even the group name.)

We have a helpful video tutorial that explains this process in detail. We strongly urge you to watch it, as some combinations of features can be somewhat redundant (e.g., whether you want to turn on the discussion forum might depend on how you configure your announcements board).

Once I’ve created a group, how to I get people to join it?

Once you’ve created your group. it will be listed under the Groups tab in your profile.(Also listed here are other groups of which you are a member.) Click on the group you created, and once in it click on the Manage tab, and then on the Members sub-tab. At the top of this screen you will see an input box for your “Join Code”; enter any string you like here (12 characters maximum) and save.

You can then give this code out to all the people you want to join your group, by any means you desire – email, ext message, etc. When these people sign up for an account on The Horn, at the bottom of the registration page there is a field where they can enter your Join Code. By doing so, they will automatically be made a member of your group at the completion of their registration, and your group will automatically show up on the Groups tab on their personal profile.

We’re interested in signing up a bunch of our employees to use The Horn for private communication. Will this work?

Absolutely! – this is one of the things The Horn is specifically designed to do. If you want to sign up more than 20 people at once and pay for their memberships en masse, we can have all those memberships billed to one account – like if a business wanted to provide memberships for all their employees.

For groups of 50 or more people, talk to us about obtaining a reduced group rate. See our Group Rates page for more details

Why should I replace my group on Facebook – which is free – with a service I have to pay for?

Two reasons: privacy and security.There are all sorts of security exceptions for private groups on Facebook – for example, did you know that all Facebook members can see the list of administrators for private groups – not just the group members? There’s all sorts of additional rules like this.

And there’s one more reason: no advertising. Your Facebook group will be – and probably already is – bombarded with ads in your group feed. There is no advertising on The Horn, at all – absolutely none. We don’t sell ads and don’t even run any of our own. The Horn is truly a completely ad-free environment. And of course, with on advertising comes no tracking, either.

How specifically do you protect my privacy?

In addition to the fact that we run no tracking technology of any kind, we take pride in not selling or giving away your personal data to unaffiliated third parties. We believe it also helps that The Horn Network is completely walled off from the public internet. This means that generally the only way anyone can see anything inside the network is to log in (for exceptions, see the question below). And, nothing posted on The Horn ever shows up on web search engines.

Also, the privacy control for all profiles and all posts defaults to “Colleagues (friends) Only” – and we have tried to make this very easy to change, either globally for your account or for any individual post.

Can you guarantee that my privacy is protected?

No, we cannot. Although we have numerous and substantial security measures in place, no web system is perfect, and a hacker with enough determination and time can often find their way in.

But there is a more nefarious way to violate your privacy – and it’s even much simpler: We cannot stop members from taking screenshots of the service and posting them outside of it. Although this is explicitly against our Terms of Service – and if we catch you doing it, you’re outta here – no technical way has ever been devised to prevent this. (BTW, don’t even think about doing it. If we find screenshots of The Horn posted in public social media, and if we can reasonably figure out that the owner of that account is a member here, you will be canned.)

Bottom line: Remember, you pay for The Horn partly to keep the riff-raff out. So don’t be the riff-raff.

Where’s your Terms of Service and your Privacy Policy?

Here’s our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and DMCA Policy. These are also available from the bottom of each page of this sales site, and in our apps.

What if I don’t like it? Is it easy for me to quit?

Not only is it easy, but we probably couldn’t make it any easier. In the Settings for your profile, the last tab is “Delete Account”. Click on that, read the warning, click on the confirmation checkbox, and click the Delete button. Voila: everything you have posted or uploaded to the service is deleted, your billing is now cancelled, and your account is now closed. Note how this process differs from removing yourself from other social networks: Depending on the network, you might need “assistance” from their Customer Service department to quit – and often, deleting your account is almost impossible. (You know who we’re talking about here….)

About that warning: This is an irrecoverable process – and we’re serious when we say that EVERYTHING in your account is INSTANTLY deleted. That includes any files you uploaded to cloud storage. So if there’s anything in your cloud storage you want a copy of, make sure to download those files to your local device before you push the Delete button.