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Are you guys nuts? Why would anyone pay to join a social network?

The problem: Everyone complains about the major social networks running too many ads, selling their personal data, failing to stop trolls, yada yada. There is only one solution we can see to solve all these problems – and it’s a simple and elegant one: charge for membership.

Suddenly, most of what you don’t like about social networking goes away. We don’t need to run advertising – because you pay us. We don’t need to sell your personal data – because you pay us. We believe it even helps keep out the trolls: Experience has shown that people whose goal is to troll or generally cause trouble online are loathe to have to pay to do so.

If you think about this, it just makes sense.

How much does it cost to join The Horn?

The Horn charges $3.99 a month for membership. You can save money by paying yearly, at $30 annually (that’s almost half off the monthly rate), and you can also save money by signing up a bunch of you friends or business associates at once. We can even assign multiple accounts to one single billing, if for example you wanted to sign up a bunch of employees together. (See our Group Rates page for more info on this.)

By the way, it’s also very easy to quit The Horn if you don’t like it. (See question below.)

Why don’t you guys offer a free trial?

For the very reason we brought up in the question above: Charging keeps people who aren’t serious out. We have run social networks before; we believe – and our prior experience has taught us – that a good percentage of people who have access to free services abuse them. That changes when they are forced to pay.

Why should I replace Facebook – which is free – with a service I have to pay for?

You shouldn’t. The Horn is not a replacement for Facebook; it’s something you should use alongside it. On Facebook you might very well have 1,000 “friends” – but we doubt you actually know most of those people.

And that’s fine. But your real friends – the ones you talk to almost every day – get lost in that mix. This is what The Horn is for: to communicate with your real friends.

So you might have 1,000 Facebook friends – and then drag ten of your “real” friends onto The Horn to talk to them “off the grid”. Remember, The Horn is walled off from the public web, and nothing you post on The Horn is indexed by search engines. You can post all the pictures from that drunken party you want – and no prospective employer will ever find them.

Facebook started off as a communication platform, but morphed into a broadcasting platform. The Horn brings social media back to its original intent: private communication.

What’s this thing about file storage and sharing?

Your account to The Horn also includes 100 Gigabytes of cloud file storage – and a really intuitive way to run your cloud storage and access your files. You can save files of virtually any type, and more common file types – like MP3s or Word .doc files – will even render on the screen automatically for you to read or play back. You can create unlimited folders to stash you stuff into, and – here’s the really cool part – you can easily share your stored files with others on the network. You can mark any file or an entire folder for Private use (only you can see it), for Colleagues Only (your friends can view and download them), or for access by All Logged-in Members.

For most people this effectively eliminates the need for a Dropbox or OneDrive account. This feature alone pays for your membership. (As a matter of fact, you could sign up to use The Horn as a private file repository – and not use any of the social networking functions at all – and still save money!)

I signed up and logged in, and couldn’t really find anybody. What gives?

The Horn does not run exactly like other public social networks you are used to. The visibility of all members’ profiles defaults to “Colleagues (friends) Only” – so unless a member specifically changes this, you won’t be able to see their profile. And, unlike most other social networks, we have deliberately not included a members directory.

We have done all this to ensure your privacy. The idea here is that you drag a few of your “real” real-world friends onto the platform, to communicate in a private manner. That’s primarily what The Horn is all about.

However, you can use the search bar to search for other members; anything they post in their profile that they make publicly accessible will show up in search results. There is also a Members Map, that shows the location of all members who opted to provide that information (it is not required).

Also, the Groups Directory points to all the public spaces in the service, and you can subscribe to any public group to participate in its discussions, or create a group yourself. This is the primary way on The Horn that you interact with people you might not know. (You can also join private and hidden groups, but you need an invitation from the group administrator to do that.)

We’re interested in signing up a bunch of our employees to use The Horn for private communication. Will this work?

This will absolutely work – this is one of the things The Horn is specifically designed to accomplish. You can create a Private or Hidden Group where only your employees can converse and share files privately. If you want to sign up more than 20 people at once, we not only offer group rates (see the Group Rates Page), but we can even have all those memberships billed to one account (like if a business wanted to provide memberships for their employees).

BTW, this doesn’t just apply to employees of businesses. If, for example, your non-profit organization wants to offer memberships to The Horn to all your members, we’ll arrange for group rates for that, too.

How specifically do you protect my privacy?

In addition to the fact that we run no tracking technology of any kind, we take pride in not selling or giving away your personal data to unaffiliated third parties. We believe it also helps that The Horn Network is completely walled off from the public internet. This means that generally the only way anyone can see anything inside the network is to log in (for exceptions, see the question below). And, nothing posted on The Horn ever shows up on web search engines.

Also, the privacy control for all profiles and all posts defaults to “Colleagues (friends) Only” – and we have tried to make this very easy to change, either globally for your account or for any individual post.

Can you guarantee that my privacy is protected?

No, we cannot. Although we have numerous and substantial security measures in place, no web system is perfect, and a hacker with enough determination and time can often find their way in.

But there is a more nefarious way to violate your privacy – and it’s even much simpler: We cannot stop members from taking screenshots of the service and posting them outside of it. Although this is explicitly against our Terms of Service – and if we catch you doing it, you’re outta here – no technical way has ever been devised to prevent this. (BTW, don’t even think about doing it. If we find screenshots of The Horn posted in public social media, and if we can reasonably figure out that the owner of that account is a member here, you will be canned.)

Bottom line: Remember, you pay for The Horn partly to keep the riff-raff out. So don’t be the riff-raff.

Where’s your Terms of Service and your Privacy Policy?

Here’s our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and DMCA Policy. These are also available from the bottom of each page of this sales site, and in our apps.

What if I don’t like it? Is it easy for me to quit?

Not only is it easy, but we probably couldn’t make it any easier. In the Settings for your profile, the last tab is “Delete Account”. Click on that, read the warning, click on the confirmation checkbox, and click the Delete button. Voila: everything you have posted or uploaded to the service is deleted, your billing is now cancelled, and your account is now closed. Note how this process differs from removing yourself from other social networks: Depending on the network, you might need “assistance” from their Customer Service department to quit – and often, deleting your account is almost impossible. (You know who we’re talking about here….)

About that warning: This is an irrecoverable process – and we’re serious when we say that EVERYTHING in your account is INSTANTLY deleted. That includes any files you uploaded to cloud storage. So if there’s anything in your cloud storage you want a copy of, make sure to download those files to your local device before you push the Delete button.