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(that stands for “Free Speech Forever”)

A different kind of social network.

The Horn is a file-sharing and social network for people who are fed up with the major social networks bombarding them with advertising and selling their personal data. The Horn is completely free of third-party advertising. We do not sell or give away your personal date. The Horn has been created specifically to address many things people don’t like about the other social networks. (You know who we’re talking about…)

A different kind of social network

Privacy controls on The Horn default to "Connections only" (our term for "friends"). And it's super-easy to change your default privacy permissions.

Your privacy is our business

The Horn is completely "walled-off" from the public web. Outside strangers can't see your stuff. This is even true for search engines: Nothing you post on The Horn will ever show up on Google, either.

Easily share files with your friends

Your account on The Horn includes 100 Gigs of cloud storage - this can essentially replace Dropbox, OneDrive or other external cloud storage for many users. And it's easy to share files with your Connections and group members.

No editing of your personal streams

Unlike on other social networks, on The Horn you see everything in your personal timeline that your Connections and group members post. Nothing in your personal stream is removed - either by an algorithm or a human.

Groups done right

Not only can you create public groups, but you can create private or hidden groups as well - where membership is by invitation only and discussions are not viewable by other members. All groups can share calendars, and store and share files for group members.

The best of private messaging

The Horn's private messaging system works like text messaging on your phone. Every member you communicate with privately gets their own endless stream. You already know how to do this.

It's easy to invite your (real-world) friends

Because many aspects of The Horn default to a "Connections only" environment, if you don't join with a group of people, you might not find many people to talk to when you first log on. So we've include a simple app in your profile so you can easily invite your friends to join you.

For grownups

You must be over 18 years of age to join The Horn. It's an adult environment, for adult communication. You don't have to watch your speech in case some eighth-grader is listening.

It's easy to quit

Have you ever tried to delete your F-word account? Good luck... But you can cancel your account on The Horn at any time, with two clicks. And when you cancel, EVERYTHING you have posted and uploaded to the service is deleted, INSTANTLY - that's right, everything.

You can afford this

Would you spend 13 cents a day for your own private social network? By charging you only $3.99 a month, or $30 a year, The Horn solves most of the problems of other ad-based social networks. For less than a buck a week, you can communicate with friends and associates and share files in a private, secure and ad-free environment.
Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?