Create a distraction-free,
private space for your
business or organization.

The Horn is a new group communications platform. It’s more serious than Facebook Groups, and simpler to use than Microsoft Teams or Slack. You have the email addresses of all your members – and you don’t have to worry about Facebook deleting your group for some obscure reason.

"It's the un-social network."

Erika D.
Marketing Director

The Horn is NOT another social network. Members can only join your group on The Horn upon your invitation. Your group on The Horn is “off the public web” – Google doesn’t index anything in it, and you must be logged in to see anything going on inside. But, The Horn “runs” like Facebook – so it’s a familiar environment to your group members, and they don’t have to learn a completely new system.

"I own my community."

Chris P.

One of the biggest complaints of people who run groups on Facebook is that they don’t have the email addresses of their members. On The Horn, you have full access to all your members’ emails, available either singly or in lists. We can also do the opposite: If you have a list of  members of your group or organization, we can set your group up with them already as members, so they won’t have to register.

"It's my company's social water cooler."

Max P.
PR Guy

Your people do more than just work, right? Slack or Teams are great environments to collaborate on – but what about just “shooting the sh*t” with every-day social conversation? Many companies use groups on The Horn in tandem with these services for the more social interactions of their employees or members. The Horn seems more “casual” than Slack or Teams – and your Horn group syncs seamlessly with your Zoom account, so that you can run your Zoom meetings completely from inside your group.

"We have a distraction-free, private space."

Company CEO

The Horn is a completely ad-free environment. You don’t have to worry about unknown third parties trying to sell you sneakers, or your competitors trying to poach your employees. It’s a completely private place for you and your members or employees to get together. You can use it as a work space, a place to meet with customers, a space to socialize in or a place where your organization’s members can meet.
It’s your world – and you run it.

"If you have a group of people, this is THE place for you."

Jimmy P.
Bookclub Leader

Any serious group of people can benefit from the social interaction that The Horn provides:

You Own Your Group -
and Your Members

You’re in charge. You set up all the parameters of how your group runs, and who can do what. And you have the verified email addresses of all your members to use as you wish.

Seamless Zoom Integration

Your group integrates perfectly with your Zoom account. You can create Zoom meetings and set all parameters for them from right inside your group – and launch them from inside your group, too.

Our Own Video Conferencing

If you don’t want to use Zoom, The Horn has its own video conferencing system built-in. It’s totally simple to use – and it complements Zoom so well you might very well want to use both!

You Control News Feeds and Discussions

You can configure your group’s news feed to run several different ways. You can even turn on a full-featured discussion forum so your members can communicate.

Let Your Members Create Group Events

Your group has an events calendar, and you can determine who is allowed to create group events. You can even keep track of RSVPs and tickets for events.

You Can Create Your Own Group Network

You can create an unlimited number of groups – including “sub-groups” that you can nest under your main group – e.g., for different locations for your organization.

Watch this video.

The video below is from the Group Creators Guide available inside the service.
It will give you a good idea of The Horn’s user interface and how The Horn works.

Have more questions?

What would I use a group on The Horn for?

Virtually any organized group of people would benefit from getting together on The Horn. You could use it as a collaborative space for employees, for your customers to get together and discuss issues (thereby freeing up your own support staff!), for the members of your non-profit organization to communicate with each other…. The scenarios are almost endless. And your group of people can be pre-determined – like a list of your employees – or “public” – like allowing your customers to sign up on their own.

But it’s not easy to migrate.

We’ll provide fast, easy migrating and onboarding for your entire group.

My group doesn’t want to learn a new platform.

They won’t have to. If they can do Facebook, this will be easy.

How do I start a group on The Horn?

Once you sign up as a Group Creator, log into the service and click on “Create a Group” at the top of your screen. This leads you through a multi-screen wizard so you can set various features for your group members to use. The video directly above this FAQ section shows how this works. (Don’t worry: everything can be changed later – even the group name.) Or if you’d prefer, you can fill out a form we send you, and we’ll do all the dirty setup work for you.

Will I have access to my data/community?

Absolutely! We even make your members’ email addresses available to you in an Excel-compatible file.

Once I’ve created a group, how to I get people to join it?

There are two ways you can do this: 1), you can create a “Join Code” inside your group management screen and distribute this any way you’d like (e.g., in the case that you’re using your group for customer service, you can post your Join Code publicly in adverts or social media). Then when your members sign up for The Horn, they input this Join Code into their registration form and are automatically joined to your group; or 2), you can give us a list of all your members (like, e.g., employees) and we’ll set your group up for you so that they can all log in right away.

This is just one more platform to add to the stack.

Do not fear. We’ll set it all up for you; and then you control it from a super-simple management screen.

How do group members on The Horn communicate with each other?

The Horn features its own proprietary video conferencing system, called Face2Face – it’s simpler to use that Zoom, encrypted end-to-end and you don’t need to download any software to use it, it runs right in your browser – and in addition you can sync your Zoom account to your group on The Horn and schedule Zoom meetings from right inside your group. Every group also includes a discussion forum and an announcements board, which you can configure various ways. Your group’s organizers can turn on and off all these features, and also determine which group members get to do what.

What do you mean when you say The Horn is “off the public web” or “not on Google”?

Although you and your members access your group on The Horn via the public internet, your group and its contents are completely inaccessible to anyone who is not logged into it – no one can see what’s going on in there. This is also true of search engines: nothing you post in your group will ever show up on Google or Bing.

I have a bunch of chapters or departments in my organization. How would this work?

We’ll set you up with a “network” of groups, where groups are nested into one another. You can create an unlimited number of groups with your account.

Does The Horn have apps for our phones?

Yes! The Horn uses a new technology called Progressive Web Apps; you can download them right from our login screen, and they install on your phone in seconds – no app store visit is necessary.

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