Can you guarantee that my privacy is protected?

No, we cannot. Although we have numerous and substantial security measures in place, no web system is perfect, and a hacker with enough determination and time can often find their way in.

But there is a more nefarious way to violate your privacy – and it’s even much simpler: We cannot stop members from taking screenshots of the service and posting them outside of it. Although this is explicitly against our Terms of Service – and if we catch you doing it, you’re outta here – no technical way has ever been devised to prevent this. (BTW, don’t even think about doing it. If we find screenshots of The Horn posted in public social media, and if we can reasonably figure out that the owner of that account is a member here, you will be canned.)

Bottom line: Remember, you pay for The Horn partly to keep the riff-raff out. So don’t be the riff-raff.