Once I’ve created a group, how to I get people to join it?

Once you’ve created your group. it will be listed under the Groups tab in your profile.(Also listed here are other groups of which you are a member.) Click on the group you created, and once in it click on the Manage tab, and then on the Members sub-tab. At the top of this screen you will see an input box for your “Join Code”; enter any string you like here (12 characters maximum) and save.

You can then give this code out to all the people you want to join your group, by any means you desire – email, ext message, etc. When these people sign up for an account on The Horn, at the bottom of the registration page there is a field where they can enter your Join Code. By doing so, they will automatically be made a member of your group at the completion of their registration, and your group will automatically show up on the Groups tab on their personal profile.