What if I don’t like it? Is it easy for me to quit?

Not only is it easy, but we probably couldn’t make it any easier. In the Settings for your profile, the last tab is “Delete Account”. Click on that, read the warning, click on the confirmation checkbox, and click the Delete button. Voila: everything you have posted or uploaded to the service is deleted, your billing is now cancelled, and your account is now closed. Note how this process differs from removing yourself from other social networks: Depending on the network, you might need “assistance” from their Customer Service department to quit – and often, deleting your account is almost impossible. (You know who we’re talking about here….)

About that warning: This is an irrecoverable process – and we’re serious when we say that EVERYTHING in your account is INSTANTLY deleted. That includes any files you uploaded to cloud storage. So if there’s anything in your cloud storage you want a copy of, make sure to download those files to your local device before you push the Delete button.