The Horn Is Your Private Office on the Internet.

The Horn is a robust platform designed for professionals who engage with a wide range of individuals and need one convenient place to communicate, share information, and engage one-to-one.

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Are you questioning trying to run your group online?

Are your efforts splintered across several platforms?

Are your members distracted by ads and other noise?

Are you spending more time on admin than on business?


The Horn is Easy, Complete, Ad-Free, Private and Secure

Everything you need is here – no modules to find and add

The Menu items mean what they say

Your group isn’t monitored – and your data isn’t mined

Connect easily and straight from the platform

Easily onboard and engage interested new members

Share any kind of files – documents, images, videos

Use projects to keep proprietary and sensitive information “eyes-only”


Platform: The Horn Monday Kajabi Pipeline Others
Built-in Video Conference
Unlimited File Sharing
Project Management
Private Video Messaging
$100 month/100 members
$480 month/40 membees

Frequently asked questions

But it’s not easy to migrate.

We’ll provide fast, easy migrating and onboarding for your entire group.

My group doesn’t want to learn a new platform.

They won’t have to. If they can do Facebook, this will be easy.

Will I have access to my data/community?

Absolutely! We even make your members’ email addresses available to you in an Excel-compatible file.

This is just one more platform to add to the stack.

Do not fear. We’ll set it all up for you; and then you control it from a super-simple management screen.

I have a bunch of chapters or departments in my organization. How would this work?

We’ll set you up with a “network” of groups, where groups are nested into one another. You can create an unlimited number of groups with your account.

Does The Horn have apps for our phones?

Yes! The Horn uses a new technology called Progressive Web Apps; you can download them right from our login screen, and they install on your phone in seconds – no app store visit is necessary.


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