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Group platforms are full of distractions and
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In today’s crowded online environment, our attention is being pulled in infinite directions and every company, platform and influencer is vying for every second of your group member’s time.

You’ve worked hard to create a business community and, unfortunately, your members are constantly being bombarded by messages that pull them away from an exclusive experience with you

You may already have a coaching, association or other type of group but may be questioning if an online platform is the best place to serve your community.

Run a valuable, content rich,
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Enjoy a private, ad-free experience for your community.

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Frequently asked questions

But it’s not easy to migrate.

We’ll provide fast, easy migrating and onboarding for your entire group.

My group doesn’t want to learn a new platform.

They won’t have to. If they can do Facebook, this will be easy.

Will I have access to my data/community?

Absolutely! We even make your members’ email addresses available to you in an Excel-compatible file.

This is just one more platform to add to the stack.

Do not fear. We’ll set it all up for you; and then you control it from a super-simple management screen.

I have a bunch of chapters or departments in my organization. How would this work?

We’ll set you up with a “network” of groups, where groups are nested into one another. You can create an unlimited number of groups with your account.

Does The Horn have apps for our phones?

Yes! The Horn uses a new technology called Progressive Web Apps; you can download them right from our login screen, and they install on your phone in seconds – no app store visit is necessary.

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