Communicate with your group - privately, securely. With no ads, ever.

The Horn is a Group Communication Platform – more casual than Slack, more secure than Zoom and Facebook.

Rest assured you won't be overheard.

The Horn combines team collaboration with the familiarity of social networks you already use every day. Start a private group and chat via live video and text with your family, friends, employees, or members of your social organization.

Your group -
off the grid.

No advertising - at all

The Horn is completely free of third-party advertising. You won't have to worry about your group members seeing competing ads..

off the web

The Horn is "walled-off" from the public internet. That means nothing is indexed by search engines, and only those who belong to your group can see the contents.

No selling your personal data

We never sell or give away your group members' personal data.

Video Chat with your connections.

The Horn features its own proprietary video conferencing system with no app download, no extra cost, and no interference of privacy – it’s encrypted end-to-end. There’s a permanent virtual room available for your group, all the time.

Search the Web with confidence.

Members of The Horn have at their fingertips their very own private, tracking-free Web search engine. Powered by Bing, it ensures that no personal data is saved, no search history is collected, and no tracking data is shared. It’s just as good as The Big G (we think even better), and like the rest of The Horn, there’s absolutely no advertising on it – including no “Sponsored Links”. Search the Web in privacy and with no clutter.
Rest assured your Web search won’t be overheard.

More ways to communicate.

In addition to video chat, your members can communicate via news feeds, discussion boards and/or private messaging. Group members can post photos and events, and group administrators can control which features group members can access.

More ways to pay.

The Horn is affordable, and there’s more than one way you can pay for access. If, for example, your group is for a business, one entity can be billed for everyone’s participation in the group. Or, if you’re running a public social organization – or want to start one! – not only can we charge your members directly, but we can even kick back to your organization part of their membership fee.

Don't be a sheep.

Yeah, you can start a group on Facebook – and it’ll be insecure as hell, you’ll have to put up with endless advertising, and all your stuff will end up on Google. You can avoid all that for less than three bucks a month per member.
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and rest assured you won’t be overheard.