Communicate with your group,
privately and securely.
With no ads, ever.

The Horn is a Group Communication Platform – more user-friendly than Slack and Teams, more secure than Zoom and Facebook.

On The Horn, you can rest assured you won’t be overheard.

Your group doesn't have a good place to meet.

….because you’re scattered all over the country. Or you do get together physically, but need to communicate between meetings.

SO: You try out Microsoft Teams...

…or Slack – same thing. But it’s waaay too complicated to use for your type of group. Not to mention it costs too much.

OR: You get on Zoom...

…but your meeting is a mess – people can’t connect, they don’t know how to use the controls. And then you get “Zoom-bombed” by hackers.

OR: You go to Facebook...

…where everyone can see what you’re talking about. And even if you take your group private, everyone on Facebook can see who your administrators are. And then there are all those damn ads…..


Introducing The Horn

Private and secure,
with no ads

The Horn is not only “walled off” from the public web, but your group is walled off from all the other groups on The Horn as well. No one can overhear what you’re doing. And there’s no ads.

"Permanent" video conferencing

Your group includes a “permanent” video conferencing room. No need to log in, and no need to “create a meeting” It’s available, up and running, all the time. Just enter.

You already know how to use this

Groups on The Horn work and run like the social networking you already know and love. There are announcement feeds, forums, and events ready for you to use.

Rest assured you won't be overheard.

We created The Horn because we couldn’t find a suitable service on the web to host our own meetings.

With over 25 years experience creating websites, services and social networks, we knew what we wanted:

a place that was private, secure, ad-free and easy to use.

We thought we'd share it with you.

Don't be a sheep.

Yeah, you can start a group on Facebook – and it’ll be insecure as hell, you’ll have to put up with endless advertising, and all your stuff will end up on Google. You can avoid all that for less than three bucks a month per member.
Sign up for The Horn
and rest assured you won’t be overheard.