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The Horn does everything Facebook Groups does, and more. It’s private and secure, with its own video conferencing and with no advertising – at all.

Facebook Groups suck.

Your group has been on Facebook for awhile – and like for most people, it hasn’t been a good experience. What you’ve learned thusfar:

You thought your group was private - but it's not.

The contents of your public group can be seen by everyone on Facebook. And even if you take your group “private”, the names of the administrators are still visible to non-members.

You have to look at all those ads.

You think your group is free, but it’s not. And it’s not just the ads: You also “pay” by giving Facebook access to all your data – which they then resell. Viola!: The contents of your group are now everywhere….

And then: your group gets deleted.

Out of nowhere, Facebook decides that you’ve violated some obscure terms of service, so they delete your group – and all its contents – completely, without giving you a heads-up. This happens thousands of times every day.

Introducing The Horn

No interruptions or distractions

Just you and your group – and nothing else. No Zoom bombers, no ads, no strangers.Walled off from the public web.

Get the private, secure platform your group deserves.

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Enjoy your privacy

Rest assured you won’t be overheard!

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The Horn lets me communicate with my group members in complete privacy. I don't have to worry about anything we discuss getting linked to on Google.
Chris P.
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The Man
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Yeah, you can start a group on Facebook – and it’ll be insecure as hell, you’ll have to put up with endless advertising, and all your stuff will end up on Google. You can avoid all that for only a buck a month. And then rest assured you won’t be overheard.