Own Your Group

At first it seems like it is easy to have your group on a popular social media platform. You simply open your group and use social media to attract followers. You might even boast of a large number of followers, although you seldom if ever interact with many of them on an individual basis.
If you are a lifestyle leader, a business coach, or a personal trainer the real value you bring to the equation is your ability to tailor your expertise to the needs of each follower. So on the social media platforms, can you send a notification to one person, or a small group of followers? Do you even have the email addresses of your followers? The platform has them, but they won’t share that with you.
And how many of your followers are actually taking your advice and working according to your program? Can you really sort them out from the hundreds of people who post, taking up everyone’s attention, but who are more interested in putting their name in the feed than doing the actual work?
Thehorn.net is designed especially for leaders whose expertise has value. When you operate a paid group on The Horn, you are in complete control of your world. You have all the email addresses, and you can pinpoint notifications to one, several, or all of your members as you see fit.
Because these members have committed to you, they will want personalized interaction. The Horn gives you a full set of project management tools, so you can assign and track tasks, with all this activity captured in real time without additional data entry.
Your group is private and you decide who belongs. There are no ads, and the posts and announcements aren’t cluttered with casual commentary. If you want to interact virtually, The Horn features a built-in video conference feature. All in all, thehorn.net serves as your private office, with everything you need right at your fingertips.
The Horn has been designed so you can use all of its robust features easily, with a few clicks. The Horn is so sure that this is the answer to your needs, we’re offering the first month FREE! Sign up now at thehorn.net/signup .