The Horn is not free -
for a reason.

Would you spend three bucks a week for your own private group environment? By charging you only $12.00 a monthcurrently discounted from $36 a month for charter members – The Horn gives you a completely private and ad-free environment to communicate in with your group. And for only $12 a year, your group members can communicate with each other in a private and secure manner. (And remember: You get a dollar of that fee back from every member.)


$ 12
a month
  • Two months free trial!
  • You're locked into this price forever!


$ 44
a year
  • You're locked into this price forever!

GROUP RATES: If your group consists of 10 or more people, you can not only get a Group Members discount for your members to join The Horn, but you can also optionally have all your group members’ accounts billed to one single source (like your business). To arrange for this, contact us via our contact form. (Be sure to put “Group Rates” in the Subject line.)