Pump Up Your Group

You probably know people who decided they would do their fitness workouts at home. They bought the weights, straps, mats, and other gear. For a week or so, it went fine. Then the workouts started to tail off. Too tired, something came up with the kids, had to bring work home….

If they were committed to getting fit, they joined a gym. Suddenly, the schedule of visits became a regular habit. Other people they met at the gym offered encouragement, and they started giving their gym friend a boost.

In the most modern environment, the people who want to work out at home buy a very expensive set-up that connects them to a virtual fitness trainer. The on-screen character pushes the individual while also providing support.

Thehorn.net is the modern equivalent of these techniques to gain and keep commitment for your followers. It’s easy to set up your group on The Horn—we’ll migrate existing groups for you. Each of your members has a private room where all their activities are recorded automatically. You can interact individually with one member at a time, or form subgroups based on members’ levels of development. There is a built-in video conferencing feature to bolster your presence and support for members.

The commitment from paid members does two things: It recognizes the value of what you have to offer; and, it gives your members incentive to stay with the program. The cost to operate a private group on thehorn.net is only $10 per month for up to 10members, $25 for 25 members, and $45 for 50 members.

We’re so sure thehorn.net will work for you that we are offering the first month FREE! Sign up today at thehorn.net/signup