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(that stands for “Free Speech Forever”)

A social network that's private, protected, secure - and ad-free.

Tired of Facebook? The Horn fixes most of the stuff you don’t like about ad-based social media.

You too can be off the grid.

No ads - at all.

The Horn is completely third-party ad-free. No ads - period.

No selling of your personal data.

Not only do we pledge to never sell or give away your personal data, but we barely even collect any.

off the web.

The Horn is "walled-off" from the public web. No one can see anything on The Horn unless they're logged in, and nothing is ever indexed by search engines.

You already know this.

The Horn combines the team collaboration of Slack with the familiarity of the social networks you already use. Start a private group for only you and your family or employees – or venture out on the network and find new people.

File storage, too!

The Horn includes 100 Gigs of cloud file storage for every member – it can replace Dropbox or OneDrive for you, too. And because we’re a social network, it’s really easy to share your files with your colleagues.

The Horn is not free -
for a reason.

Would you spend 13 cents a day for your own private social network? By charging you only $3.99 a month, or $30 annually, The Horn addresses most of the pitfalls of the other ad-based public social networks. For less than a buck a week, you can communicate with your friends/associates and share files in a private, secure and ad-free environment. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?

Don't be a sheep.

Shepherds use horns to corral animals… but you no longer have to follow the crowd. Many are complaining about the deceptive practices of the major social networks – and now here’s your chance to do something about it. Sign up for The Horn – and then get your friends to sign up, too. You’ll be glad to get that bad taste out of your mouth.