Communicate with friends and associates in a private, secure – and ad-free – environment.

Welcome to The Horn.

The Horn is a file-sharing and social network for people who are fed up with Facebook, Twitter and the like bombarding them with advertising and selling their personal data. The Horn is completely ad-free – and not only do we not sell or give away your personal date, we don’t even collect any. The Horn has been created specifically to address everything people don’t like about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and their ilk.

A Different Kind of Social Network

The Horn is similar to Facebook and LinkedIn, but with some very important differences. ALL privacy permissions on The Horn default to “Friends Only” – even the viewing of your profile (which means that, unless you change that, the only thing visible to “non-friends” is your name). It’s super-easy to change your default privacy permissions, and it’s even super-easy to change the privacy permission of every post you make, while you’re making it.

Did we say private?

Nothing on The Horn network can be viewed by anyone unless they are logged in. That’s right: NOTHING. You want to keep your Facebook profile private – but the public has to see your Facebook Page? We call B.S. …. On The Horn, outside strangers can’t see your stuff – period.

Easily Share Files with your Friends

Your Horn account includes 100 Gigs of cloud storage – and a really unique way of sharing those files with your friends. For every file you upload you can set the permission for either yourself (no one can see that file except you), or your friends – which gives your friends the ability to both view the file and download it. And we can’t stress this enough: All privacy controls are easily viewed and easy to use.