Your Product Is You

There are internet platforms where you pay to build a web portal, upload your product, and conduct sales. Even if you are an instructor, the idea is for you to sell your informational and project materials like videos and workbooks.
Your product is your ability to guide and influence your clients on a customized one-to-one basis, not a set of cookie cutter videos and manuals. Each individual interaction includes project tasks and documentation that is attuned to your client. You might also work with subgroups of your client membership, but with all the actions and follow-ups that happen with individuals.
What you need is not a product selling website, but a private office on the internet. How convenient it would be to have all your client information at your fingertips, and all client activities captured in real time with no added data entry. Even better, you could have the full range of project management tools and resources built in, with only a few clicks to set up projects and tasks, then track them as your clients participate. is a comprehensive but easy to use platform that gives you all of the above and more. The Horn will even migrate your existing memberships and do your initial set-up. You have various options to assign tasks, send notifications and recruit new members. The Horn has a built-in video conferencing service so you can interact with your clients anytime and anywhere. And you can do all with without ever having to get out of your chair, let alone learning how to build a website.
The commitment from paid members does two things: It recognizes the value of what you have to offer; and, it gives your members incentive to stay with the program. The cost to operate a private group on is only $100 per month for up to 100 members. That’s one dollar per member per month.
We’re so sure will work for you that we are offering the first month FREE! Sign up today at