Coaching, Not Clerking

Have you ever been to a craft show and admired the ceramic wares displayed by a pottery artist? I bet that would be fun to make, you think. But then you consider that to get that beautiful bowl or vase, there is working the clay, getting the air bubbles out, putting it on the wheel and turning the piece, then adding decorative touches before it goes in the kiln. Whew!
It is kind of like putting your skills on display. You want to share your expertise with paying clients, but you really don’t want to spend time, energy and money building and maintaining the display case. was specially designed to put the clerical drudgery of online group management behind a few buttons. When you sign up, we have a simple form to fill out with the information we need to migrate your existing group to The Horn. We place each member in a private room in your group, assign their posting privileges, and establish your communication channels.
All you have to do is interact with your members individually, in subgroups, or as a whole. You can notify one person, a small group of people, or everyone as you see fit, with direct contact rather than a shotgun approach. Your interactions are automatically made part of the members’ rooms.

Instead of working as an office manager, you spend your time sharing your valuable expertise, and that means you can grow your paid group. The commitment from paid members does two things: It recognizes the value of what you have to offer; and, it gives your members incentive to stay with the program. The cost to operate a private group on is only $100 per month for up to 100 members. That’s one dollar per member per month.

We’re so sure will work for you that we are offering the first month FREE! Sign up today at