Tired of Facebook hosting your group? Now there's an alternative.

The Horn does everything Facebook Groups does, and more. It’s private and secure, with its own video conferencing and with
no advertising – at all

On The Horn, you can rest assured you won’t be overheard.

Facebook Groups suck.

Your group has been on Facebook for awhile – and like for most people, it hasn’t been a good experience. What you’ve learned thusfar:

You thought your group was private - but it's not.

The contents of your public group can be seen by everyone on Facebook. And even if you take your group “private”, the names of the administrators are still visible to non-members.

There's no video conferencing.

You have a group on Facebook… but you still have to get on Zoom to see each other. And that can get downright expensive

You have to look at all those ads.

You think your group is free, but it’s not. And it’s not just the ads: You also “pay” by giving Facebook access to all your data – which they then resell. Viola!: The contents of your group are now everywhere….

And then: your group gets deleted.

Out of nowhere, Facebook decides that you’ve violated some obscure terms of service, so they delete your group – and all its contents – completely, without giving you a heads-up. This happens thousands of times every day.


Introducing The Horn

Private and secure,
and not indexed

The Horn is not only “walled off” from the public web, but your group is walled off from all the other groups on The Horn as well. And nothing you post will ever end up on Google.

"Permanent" video conferencing

Your group includes a “permanent” video conferencing room. No need to log in, and no need to “create a meeting” It’s available, up and running, all the time. Just enter.

You already know how to use this

Groups on The Horn work and run like the Facebook group you’re already used to – with even more features. There are announcement feeds, forums, and events scheduling.

Rest assured you won't be overheard.

We created The Horn because we got tired of dealing with Facebook to host our groups –

and tired of hearing about Facebook deleting groups for the stupidest of reasons.

With over 25 years experience creating websites, services and social networks, we knew what we wanted:

a place that was private, secure, ad-free and easy to use.

We thought we'd share it with you.

The Horn is not free -
for a reason.

Your Facebook group is NOT free. You pay for it by letting them bombard you with ads, and by them selling all the data you create to third parties. By charging you and your members only $4.00 a month, or $40 annually, The Horn gives your group a completely private and ad-free environment to communicate in. For less than a buck a week, you can communicate with your friends and associates in a private, secure and ad-free manner. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?

The Horn - Monthly

$ 4
a month
  • All The Horn's great features, with monthly billing

The Horn - Yearly

$ 40
a year
  • Save 20% over the monthly rate!

How it works:

Sign up

It only takes a minute!

Create your group

It’s easy with our multi-screen wizard!

Invite members

Give your “join code” to your members!

At The Horn, we know that you want to speak freely and openly with family, friends and associates. To do that, you need a secure and private communication platform.

The problem is, do private platforms exist? You do not want to feel restricted, or feel like you’re missing out.

We believe you should be able to connect online privately. We understand that you want to protect your privacy on a secure platform.

Here’s what one of our customers said about our service: “I have been looking for an easy-to-use and secure place to work with my clients to grow their businesses. And with The Horn, I found that.”

So sign up today – so you can stop all your group communication being in the public domain, and instead enjoy the freedom to be you.

Don't be a sheep.

Yeah, you can start a group on Facebook – and it’ll be insecure as hell, you’ll have to put up with endless advertising, and all your stuff will end up on Google. You can avoid all that for less than four bucks a month per member.
Sign up for The Horn
and rest assured you won’t be overheard.