Super Level Security

The interaction between you and your clients involves sensitive information. Whether you are coaching young managers to oversee important new projects, guiding a person through a life change event, or keeping tabs on an organization’s fundraising activities, you want your clients to know that everything stays between you and them.
It is important even to keep the communications between each member separate and secure from the other members. On top of that, keeping track of every document, task, project, milestone and achievement requires an easy-to-use, convenient platform.
All of those requirements rule out the popular social media sites, whose so-called private settings don’t extend to keeping the platform owners out of your posts and client contact information.
Another option is to go through an elaborate process of building your own website with all of the techno-drudgery that entails.
The Horn offers one of the most secure platforms on the internet, tested for months and proven safe against the constant onslaught of hacks. In fact, The Horn does not even monitor the content of its users. Neither does The Horn cull your member data to resell, or for any other purpose. There are no ads on The Horn, so you are free from distractions and the incidental data collection of ad interfaces.
The Horn is your private office on the internet. We are so sure that The Horn’s security, privacy and robust but easy-to-use features in one convenient place are the answer to running your paid group that The Horn is offering the first month FREE! Find out more at, or sign up now at